From Parma to Friuli to turn Ribolla Gialla into a great wine

Storia di Valerio Civa


Bellazoia seen from afar gives an image of rare beauty. A few houses in the valley, the hills planted with vines to the north of the town and the woods circling the landscape like a shawl. Then, further up, the peaks of the Julian Prealps. It is here that Valerio Civa founded Tenimenti Civa in February 2016.

I spent entire summers of my childhood and teenage years working in my grandparents’ vineyard. I used to go early in the morning when the sun tinged the countryside with a faint yellow. The delightful scents of the vines in flowering time, the bunches that emerged and ripened day after day under the summer heat; these are vivid memories. Then there was harvest time, when alongside my grandfather I picked the fruits and put them in boxes. But the real celebration was the must being turned into wine! I contemplated the vats overflowing with colourful liquid for hours, and when my grandfather drew off a few drops to let me taste it, it gurgled and was topped with a frothy foam.

These memories resurfaced years later, as I listened to a producer talk about his work with a sincere, overwhelming passion. I think it was then that I decided to dedicate my life to wine!

After years of dedication and sacrifice I was one of the first in Italy who managed to introduce quality Italian wine into modern distribution channels. Today, we find important wine producers representing Italian excellence all over the world.

Civa Valerio vigneto

My personal journey continues with Tenimenti Civa, now as a producer, but with undiminished commitment and passion. Today, thanks to the production of my wine, the threads of memory have been intertwined with my present life.

All the time and energy I have spent have been repaid, resulting in great personal satisfaction and accolades. But nothing compares to the emotions I feel when I experience that enchanting combination of aromas and perfumes to be found in a good glass of wine. Such moments bring back memories and sentiments shared with my family.

I am convinced that each of us has a destiny in life, and wine is undoubtedly mine! Tenimenti Civa is the beginning of a new story.

Valerio Civa