etichette "ambientali" per aiutare il consumatore


The Decree Law of 3 September 2020 introduced mandatory “environmental labelling” in order to help consumers with separate waste collection.

According to the law, the appropriate information must be provided on the packaging. In the case of packaging containing a variety of materials, such as a bottle of wine, it is essential to supply differentiated information in order to avoid confusing the consumer.

In advance of the deadline of 31 December 2021 established by law, Tenimenti Civa has begun to indicate – starting with the back label of Biele Zôe wines and gradually on all its other wines – the type of material used for packaging and where it should be disposed of.
The capsule should be disposed of as metal (turquoise bin), the cork as organic waste (brown bin) and the green glass bottle in the bin of the same colour.

This key information aims to help consumers dispose of their waste in the best way possible.

Given the wide variety of waste collection systems adopted by municipal authorities in Italy, it is however always a good idea to check the local regulations in force.