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How to arrange the glasses on the table

There is a maximum number of glasses that can be placed on a set table.

Starting from right to left, to form a line at 45 degrees, the first of four glasses is arranged: the one for water, followed by the one for the wine accompanying the starter – different depending on whether it is sparkling or still wine –, one for white wine and finally one for red wine. The sweet wine glass can be placed on the table just before serving the dessert.

The same wine is always poured into each glass, so that its aroma does not affect the flavour of the next.

The wine server pours a small amount (15 – 20 ml) into the glass of the person who chose the wine. Once its quality has been checked, the wine is poured, starting with the ladies, in order of age, and continuing with the gentlemen. The last to be served will be the person who tasted the wine.


How the wine is poured into the glass

Come si versa il vino nel calice

Ꙭ It is necessary first of all to stand to the right of the diners, the left hand held behind the back, while the right lifts the bottle horizontally, being careful not to cover the label.

Ꙭ The wine should be poured without resting the neck of the bottle on the glass.

Ꙭ To avoid dripping on the tablecloth, a cotton napkin may be placed near the neck of the bottle.

Ꙭ Before pouring a sparkling wine, the bottle, which was previously placed in the ice bucket, must be dried.

Ꙭ Sparkling wine should be poured slowly to prevent the mousse from overflowing from the glass.

Ꙭ After serving, the bottle (sparkling wine or still white wine) is placed in the ice bucket, and the napkin with which the bottle was dried is placed on top.

Ꙭ Pour a quantity of wine which comes about one third of the way up the glass.

Ꙭ Do not serve different wines in the same glass.

Ꙭ Finished bottles must never be placed with the neck downwards inside the ice bucket.

Ꙭ The ideal serving temperatures are:
• Sparkling wines8°C – 10°C
• White and rosé wines 12°C
• Red wines 14°C – 15°C
• Sweet wines, wines from sun-dried grapes and fortified wines 8°C – 14°C



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