The interest shown by Italian and foreign consumers in Ribolla Gialla, the epitome of Friulan vine, is growing. Tenimenti Civa has dedicated an important development project to this variety, following a detailed analysis of the market and the planning of qualitative and quantitative goals to be pursued over time.

In the southernmost part of the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC zone, between Manzano and San Giovanni al Natisone, the Friulan winery has created a plot of about 13 hectares dedicated to Ribolla Gialla, one third of the available land and probably the largest monovarietal plot in Friuli.

The single plot approach simplifies the management and control of the entire production chain, making it possible to achieve ever higher quality levels and to monitor everything that happens in the vineyard. The Tenimenti Civa and Ribolla Gialla bond will become even deeper in the coming years, since the winery intends to increase cultivation of this valuable native grape variety, from which almost 90,000 bottles of still Ribolla Gialla and just over 13,000 of extra brut sparkling Ribolla spumante were produced in 2017.



Ribolla occupies third place among the most cultivated varieties in Friuli Venezia Giulia, with 2,150 hectares (2018 data), surpassing Friulano (1,600 hectares). In first and second place in the ranking are respectively Pinot Grigio (7,560 hectares) and Glera (4,500 hectares).  From the study carried out in 2017 by Nomisma Wine Monitor on “The positioning of Ribolla Gialla on the Italian market”, it emerged that among the most popular wines in the supermarket distribution channel, Ribolla was in top place with +31.5% (supermarket sales in 2015 and 2016) surpassing Abruzzo’s Passerina variety (+27.8%) and Valpolicella Ripasso (+23.6%).
Friuli Venezia Giulia is a well-known and highly appreciated white wine production area, as evidenced by the wine lists of medium-high level Italian restaurants, in which at least one Friulan white wine is included. Excellent quality, authenticity, tradition and innovation, conviviality and everyday drinkability are considered distinctive features of Friuli’s white wines.

48% of those who frequently buy Ribolla Gialla for home consumption do so at supermarkets, and spend over €9 for a 750 ml bottle, while 31% buy from wine shops and specialized stores, and 12% buy online.

The move to purchase Ribolla was due to advice given by merchants and retailers (31%), or because it was bottled by a well-known brand (22%).  Some way behind we find other reasons for purchase: promotions/low price (12%), information from blogs/sites/apps dedicated to wine (11%), packaging/labels (10%), organic (9%), prizes and awards (5%).

It is interesting to note that Ribolla Gialla is sold at a price 66% higher than the average of all wines sold on the shelf. This success can be put down to the quality of Friuli Venezia Giulia’s wines, acknowledged by consumers.

Three out of 10 Italians said they had tasted Ribolla Gialla on at least one occasion, mostly not at home, and as an aperitivo. This type of consumption is even more popular if Ribolla Spumante is the wine in question.

The typical consumer is male, between the ages of 38 and 54, with a degree, high income, living in northern Italy, who consumes wine frequently, mostly in wine bars, and uses the internet and social networks to acquire information about wine.

Of the interviewed sample, 36% attributed Ribolla Gialla’s place of origin to Friuli Venezia Giulia, 11% to Veneto and 10% generically to Italy. It is clear from these data how important it is to inform consumers, to communicate the bond between the variety and its land of origin, that is, part of Friuli Colli Orientali and the Gorizia Hills in Italy and Slovenia.

This is our Project and the Ribolla Gialla market… come and discover it!



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Maria Cristina Pugnetti

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