Economy and Development of the Territory 2022 Award goes to Tenimenti Civa

The Chamber of Commerce of Pordenone and Udine, as part of the “2022 Economy and Development Awards”, assigned the diploma of merit with a gold medal to Tenimenti Civa Srl. The prize will be awarded on Monday 10 October 2022, at 5 pm, at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine.

The award aims to give recognition to successful companies that have made a mark in the local area with their innovation and entrepreneurial activities. One of these companies is Tenimenti Civa Srl.

Their winery 4.0, is equipped with a sophisticated digital management system, which, in addition to tracking every activity, from receiving the grapes to bottling, records information and exploits it in order to make the best decisions in terms of production process efficiency. Tracking every activity means working transparently and guaranteeing quality wines for the consumer.

“We are excited and grateful,” commented Valerio Civa, owner of Tenimenti Civa Società Agricola and Tenimenti Civa Srl in Povoletto. “Receiving this award makes us proud, but also stimulates us to continuously improve, and reminds us that we have a responsibility.”

The head of the Chambers of Commerce, Giovanni da Pozzo, will present each company with its prize. The head of Confcommercio Imprese per l’Italia, Carlo Sangalli, will speak at the ceremony as guest of honour.