Tenimenti Civa – The Open Cellars 2019 Video

The two days of Cantine Aperte 2019 at Tenimenti Civa were documented in a video.

The young chefs of the Cooperativa Fiorente supervised by Cristian Broglia, professional chef at Parma Quality Restaurant, and by Francesca Ferrari and Sabrina Ricci, teachers at the cooperative, showed off their excellent culinary skills, preparing highly appreciated tortelli with herbs and Parma’s typical fried gnocchi accompanied with cured meats and cheese.

Progetto Cucina, set up in 2016, is part of a larger project on which the Cooperative has been working for some time with the aim of gradually increasing the independence of youngsters with disabilities, providing courses aimed at accompanying them into adult life.

Acknowledging a person’s worth as a resource to be employed in work outside the cooperative produces added value for the person, but also for the market. A focus on inclusion and relationships improves the quality of life also within the working environment.

The amount donated by Tenimenti Civa to the non-profit cooperative Fiorente amounted to €3000. “The Cantine Aperte event was a real success,” commented Valerio Civa. We enjoyed two days of shared experiences and fun. Thanks to the hundreds of people who came to Bellazoia, to the staff of Tenimenti Civa and Effeci Parma for organizing the two days, to the Friulan street food producers Agne Elvie and Barbe Coccul. A special thanks goes to all the youngsters from Fiorente, to Chef Broglia and to the hostesses Francesca and Sabrina, whose presence transformed Cantine Aperte into a truly moving and festive event.”

The DOC Friuli Colli Orientali and DOC Friuli wines offered for tasting proved to be very popular: from the Ribolla Gialla spumante, and the Ribolla Gialla still wine, to the Friulano, Sauvignon, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, and Merlot. Many enthusiasts who tasted the Sauvignon 2017 Vigneto Bellazoia, the winery’s vineyard selection, then decided to take home, in addition to the wine tasted, also the Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso and Merlot.


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