Italy’s prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, compliments Valerio Civa

“From vine to life: redemption” was the slogan promoted by the Italian Sommeliers’ Foundation (FIS) at the 12th International Forum of Wine Culture on 15 June in Rome, attended by numerous wine and oil producers with the aim of helping many young people who have won the struggle for life. The project was set up by the FIS in collaboration with Rome’s Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital, and ended with the presentation of qualified sommelier certificates by the prime minister, present at the event, to dozens of young people who had attended the course at the Foundation.

Several Friulan producers attended the International Forum with excellent wines selected from the 110 best in Italy. They included the Ribolla Gialla Biele Zoe 2017 from Tenimenti Civa, which received the attention and appreciation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who paused to taste it and complimented Valerio Civa.


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