Wine words with A

The wine is on the table in front of us; we look at it, assess its aroma, and taste it, but it’s not always easy to find the right adjectives to describe it.

This is where “The Words of Wine” comes in – a straightforward, easy-to-use guide containing a list of terms in alphabetical order.


Acidic : used to describe wines whose acidity produces abundant salivation and contraction of the gums. The sensation perceived is one of pleasant freshness.

Acidulous : this is the sensation perceived when the wine is still young; it causes abundant salivation.

Ageable : this is said of a wine which can last over time.

Aggressive : used to describe a wine with excessive tannins or acidity. The sensation on the palate is particularly harsh.

Alcohol-rich : a wine is defined as alcohol-rich when the sensation of heat caused by alcohol dominates. This is not necessarily a negative trait. Fortified wines typically have a high ABV. In order for the wine to be considered balanced, the alcohol must be effectively offset by the other substances in the wine (acids, salts, sugars and glycerine).

Almondy : with a taste reminiscent of almonds.

Aromatic : when the typical aromas of a given variety can be clearly perceived. Or when the dominating aroma is that of fresh grapes and/or fresh aromatic herbs (basil, mint, thyme, rosemary etc.) and/or of fresh-cut flowers.

Astringent : said of a wine when excessive tannins lead to a certain roughness on the palate and tongue due to a lack of salivation. Normally, this sensation is linked to the individual growing years in which perfect maturation of the tannins has not been achieved.

Austere : used to describe a wine whose softness is contrasted by a slight, pleasant sense of tannic astringency.

Awkward : describes a wine whose appearance, aroma, mouthfeel and taste are not in harmony with each other.


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