Wine words with C


Cellarable: said of a wine that ages well.

Characteristic: describes wine whose aromas are linked to the grape variety or varieties with which it was produced, or are due to ageing (for example notes of tar in some wines from Riesling grapes).

Chemical: used to indicate smells reminiscent of sulphur dioxide, medicines, disinfectant, vinegar, plastic etc.

Closed: refers to a wine whose aromas fail to emerge; if the wine is of quality, it will need more time to express itself.

Cloudy: with particles suspended in the wine that compromise clarity.

Cloying: excessively sweet, lacking the balance provided by acids and/or tannins.

Complex: rich and layered on the nose and/or palate. With the passing of time youthful wines will increasingly display articulated, varied aromas.

Crisp: refers to wines that leave the pleasant sensation of an absolutely dry, clean palate.
Cru (Cru): French term denoting a vineyard or portion of a vineyard particularly prized for the quality of grapes it produces.

Crystalline: for wines that show particular brightness and refraction of the light.


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