Tina Modotti Mexico City

TENIMENTI CIVA SUPPORTS THE ARTS The legendary Tina Modotti, born ninety years ago, comes back to life in an exhibition in Lestans

Ninety years ago in Mexico City the first major exhibition of the Friulan photographer Tina Modotti was held. To commemorate the event and its protagonist, who amazed the world with her “revolutionary” art, an innovative exhibition has been organised in Lestans (Pordenone). The exhibition curator is the historian, and biographer of the artist, Gianfranco Ellero. The exhibition is organized by the town council of Sequals with the patronage of the regional council.

There are two sections, with the first called “Occhi di Tina” bringing together most of the photographs from the 1929 exhibition, which were recovered thanks to the Cinemazero collection, containing images created solely by Tina. The second section, clearly separated from the first, entitled “Occhi su Tina”, presents twenty shots of the artist, by Edward Weston and other photographers. This section also gives visitors a chance to admire a world premiere: Seventeen-year-old Tina photographed by her uncle Pietro Modotti in the studio in Via Carducci. The portrait comes from the collection of the photography scholar Walter Liva.

The exhibition is accompanied by a comprehensive catalogue, Tina Modotti La grande mostra del 1929, with texts by Gianfranco Ellero, whose publication was supported by Tenimenti Civa, Società Filologica Friulana, Fondazione Friuli, Deputazione di Storia Patria per il Friuli, Ente Friuli nel Mondo and Friulovest Banca.

  • Tenimenti Civa wanted to take part in this cultural initiative for two reasons:
    as well as making a valuable addition to any library, the catalogue is also valuable reading for all admirers of Tina Modotti and photography enthusiasts in general.
  • The publication of the catalogue and the exhibition gives back to “the 1929 show its rightful place in the history of photography and in the photographer’s biography”.

Given its great success, the exhibition hosted in the Villa Savorgnan in Lestans has been extended until 29 September 2019, and can be visited on Fridays from 4pm to 7pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 12.30pm and from 4pm to 7.30pm. The catalogue can be purchased at the venue.

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