Cuvée Biele Zôe


This variety is our winery’s standard bearer. Its homeland is to be found in an area covering part of Friuli’s Colli Orientali and in the Italian and Slovenian parts of the Gorizia Hills. The history of Ribolla is richly documented. The first document certifying the existence of a Ribolla wine, produced from a range of varieties, dates back to 1207. However, we would have to wait a few centuries – until 1822 no less – before finding a text that clearly refers to the variety. Ribolla Gialla has been vinified as a monovarietal for about seventy years. Initially it was only partially fermented must, but today it is highly appreciated as both a dry still wine and a sparkling wine.

(Costantini Enos, Mattaloni Claudio, Petrussi Carlo, La vite nella storia e nella cultura del Friuli, Forum Edizioni, 2007.)

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Grape variety

ribolla gialla

Type of soil

marl and sandstone flysch of Eocene origin. Locally known as “Ponca”


south / south west

Pest control

low environmental impact integrated pest management

Tasting notes

pale lemon colour with a fine perlage. On the nose is delicate and intense at the same time, with citrus notes, stone fruits, pear and a touch of sage. Very refreshing and savoury on the palate. With

Temperature service



12,5% abv

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mid September, carefully harvested in the coolest hours of the day

after a soft press, we start the fermentation in stainless steel vats and then the refermentation in autoclave at 16°-18° controlled temperature

dry and fruity, this wine is very versatile and so the perfect companion when you share different antipasti. A must try with fried vegetables and any fish carpaccio