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It was Paul Truel, a French scholar, who in 1959 set down in black and white the equation Tocai friulano = Sauvignonasse. The origin of Tocai is thus French, but in Friuli and neighbouring Veneto it has acquired the dignity and rights of citizenship. Since 2007, under European law, it has not been possible to specify “Tocai” on the label, and this has been simply replaced by the name “Friulano”.

(Costantini Enos, Mattaloni Claudio, Petrussi Carlo, La vite nella storia e nella cultura del Friuli, Forum Edizioni, 2007.)

Grape variety

tocai friulano

Type of soil

marl and sandstone flysch of Eocene origin. Locally known as “Ponca”


south / south west

Pest control

low environmental impact integrated pest management

Tasting notes

straw yellow wine with greenish highlights; the aromas remind the peach leaf and the almond. Great finesse on the palate, soft and velvety, floral, fruity and with the classic almond after taste. The

Temperature service



13% Vol. c.a.

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mid September, carefully harvested in the coolest hours of the day

after a soft press, the must has been decanted for 24 hours at a fixed temperature of 0°C, then we start the fermentation in stainless steel vats for 15 days at 16°-18° controlled temperature

the traditional pairing is with the classic San Daniele ham, which is made in Friuli as well. Great also with seafood and white meat